About LifeGroups


Have you EVER thought, "I'd like to be a part of this LifeGroup thing", but don't know anything about it and like to experience it in a somewhat easier setting?  Well, SummerLife is probably your thing.  This year, we will be meeting every Tuesday night for 6 weeks from July 25th through August 29th at the Mc Culloch campus.  We will be discussing Big Questions that you might have about Christianity.  We will hear answers to six different big questions, one each night.  You will be hearing from our Senior Staff on subjects like evolution, why bad things happen to good people, and where did God come from?  You will have the opportunity to discuss those answers in small groups as well.  It's going to be an interesting and fun time. signups begin at the church on July 15th.  Put it on your calendar now and plan now to be with us!!!

The mission of Calvary is to lead people to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ through the love of His people and the power of His truth.  Connection is a core value of Calvary.  We desire people to connect to God, each other, and to the community.

We believe life change happens best in the context of a small group, which we call a LifeGroup.

These LifeGroups are sermon based, and typically involve a 10 week commitment.  They are comprised of 10-14 people, and meet weekly to share life together, study God’s Word, support learning how to care for one another, and serve.

We are presently in our Spring Session of LifeGroups for 2017.   Our next session begins in September after our Summer Break.    Watch our LifeGroup Directory below because new groups are added all the time.  Just go to LifeGroups "Directory" below and find an available group that meets your needs and signup right on-line for our Fall Session. Your group leader will contact you for information on the group and location.  It's  that easy!   

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