LifeGroup Volunteer Opportunities

Lifegroup Leader

Summary: Facilitates home group studies (LifeGroup) once a week, with a continuing group of members usually in discussion of previous weekend's sermon.

Description: LifeGroup leaders facilitate a LifeGroup meeting once a week in homes outside of church.  Leaders will run discussions, usually on the subject of the previous week's sermon topics, help provide for the physical and spiritual well-being of members, get help when help is needed, and provide for all of the reporting functions for the group.  

Skill or experience needed :  

  • Committed to Christ for at least one year. 
  • Committed to integrity, character and spiritual growth. 
  • Participated in Sermon Based Lifegroups for at least one quarter. 
  • Meet Church membership requirements, complete Ethos Class, sign and abide by our leadership covenant. 
  • Skills/Abilities: Leadership, Shepherding, and or facilitating – Strength in one of these.  
  • Social Skills – have a track record of relating and connecting with others

Time committment:  Two hours per week for meetings, approximately 2 hours per week preparation, training meetings twice per year.


LifeGroup Host

Summary: LifeGroup Hosts provide homes or meeting places for LifeGroup meetings, as well as other hospitality needs to facilitate the group meeting. 

Description: LifeGroup hosts provide for all of the hospitality of the LifeGroup.  They provide for location, room environment, refreshments and much of the communication with group as needed by  Leader. Hosts act as a sounding board for the health of the group with the leader as requested. As part of the leadership team, hosts job is to help your members feel loved, accepted and welcome.

Skill or experience needed:

  • Committed to Christ for at least one year.
  • Committed to integrity, character and spiritual growth.
  • Participated in Sermon Based LifeGroups for at least one session.

Time committment:  Two hours per week for meetings plus approximately 1 hour per week communications and preparation. Training meetings twice per year.