Community Event: Rachels Challenge

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Calvary is committed to serving and resourcing our local schools. As a part of that, we are excited to partner with them in their efforts of implanting the Rachels Challenge program into Havasu schools. Rachels Challenge is a kindness and service initiative that was created by the families of a Columbine Shooting victim, and is aimed at creating healthier friendships and cultures within our local schools.  

Project Info

Calvary has opportunity to partner with the schools during their ‘Chain Reaction Week’ where students are taken through a program of understanding others, embracing kindness, and living with a mindset of acts of kindness. Calvary volunteers will be paired with 4-5 10th grade students and assist with group activities and discussions throughout the day. No prior training is required.

Date & Time

Chain Reaction week will be September 16-20th, 2019. Volunteers will need to be at the ASU Campus’ gym from 7:45a - 3pm the days they are scheduled.


If you have any questions, please contact Marcia Cox at:

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